Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rabbinical sage Yitzhak Kadouri hospitalized in critical condition - Did Anyone See Moshiach?

Ynet News

Leading Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri has been hospitalized in an intensive care unit at a Jerusalem hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Hospital officials said Rabbi Kaduri is in serious condition

The rabbi was released from hospital last Thursday after recovering from pneumoni, but doctors said Sunday the Kabbalist, who is more than 100-years-old, became ill again. His son David accompanied the popular rabbi to hospital and remains by his side.

“We join his family in wishing him a speedy recovery,” family friends said Sunday.

Kaduri started out as a modest bookbinder, and has become one of the best knownKabbalists in the country.

He was born in Iraq, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 17. He studied in a Jerusalem Yeshiva, and was a student of Jerusalem Kabbalists who worked in the capital at the start of the previous century, including Rabbi Salman Eliyahu, father of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu.

Many members of the public possess a gold or silver amulets made for them by Kaduri, who is considered an expert on making amulets.

In recent months, Kaduri's name was tied to a blessing to opponents of the disengagement from Gaza, but his son later said his father believes "Gaza belongs to Palestinian." Kaduri himself surprised many followers when he offered his support for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza pullout in April.

"If we give them a small thing and there will peace with them, we can leave Gush Katif. We can trust Sharon, he is okay. It can cede territories in Gaza," the Rabbi told an ultra-Orthodox newspaper.

He added: "I have no faith in the Arabs but we must have a little quiet. Sharon's government isn't so bad."

Recently, rumors have circulated in the ultra-Orthodox world that that the messiah has revealed himself to Rabbi Kaduri in dreams, and was assurred by Moshiach that he was going to live to greet him.


Anonymous said...

Poor Kaduri followers. they are going to take a hit, but then a new guy will come along with the same bullshit. said...

agreed-Kabbalist stands for Kock Alot of Bull Bull and Lick It So Tight

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

There is no end to the gullible behaimas that will buy into anything but reality.

anonNY said...

I hear the cynicism about "kabbalists" As Rabbi Yaakov Hillel wrote strongly against the whole culture but I thought Caduri was legit?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Kaduri was a pro in his days, and then his kids turned him into a money machine.
All kabbalists are predators of the naive and gullible.
No different than card readers.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Kadouri is a Holy Man wether his children made him into a money machine or not is a dif. issue but PLEASE to slander a man like that with a huge following is a bit over the top.
i think we have to get back tio the basics of judaism that in every generation and in every sect there are Gedolim tzadikkim whatever you want to call them but to slander is unacceptable

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Kaduri is holy? what makes him holy??
He's been fleecing people out of their money for 50 years.

JewBoy said...

Bye-Bye Yitzchak and all the BULLSHIT you spread around.