Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One Sick Jew

Yigal Amir seeks artificial insemination approval
by Vered Luvitch

Yigal Amir, who assassinated prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, submitted a petition to the Tel Aviv District Court, requesting that his partner, Larissa Trimbobler, be allowed to be artificially inseminated.

The petition was submitted by Amir's lawyers, Ari Shamai and Oron Schwartz, who said that while they didn't identify in any way with Amir's crime, they "are loyal to the defense of human rights," and claim that the attempt to prevent Amir from having children is a fundamental violation of human rights.

Yigal Amir and his partner Larissa Trimbobler file petition to High Court of Justice demanding the Interior Ministry recognize their marital status. Four months ago Jerusalem Rabbinical court rules couple husband and wife under Jewish law

The lawyers argue in the petition that their case is based "on the cultural question. Israeli culture, which claims to be based on humanism, is sacrificing human rights."
The lawyers also said that their "petition is a decisive test for the image and culture of Israeli society – a society is indeed judged on its treatment of the weak, and especially on its treatment of those it despises."

Lawyers added that the petition was based on the premise that "Amir's act was heinous, and anti-social like every murder," but that "a democratic society was obligated to intellectual integrity and bravery and is obligated to refrain from using fundamentally anti-democratic means, including against those who committed the ultimate anti-democratic act against society."

The petition stated that Amir's request for artificial insemination of his partner rules out the claim that security factors were relevant to the case, which prevented him from exercising his right to private life in the past. "He should therefore be given the right to bring children to the world," the petition said.

The lawyers added that "journalistic simplicity and emotions" should be left outside of the courtroom walls.


Anonymous said...

Why is he any worse than those who instigated his heinous crime?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

They're all sick, but they were not crazy enough to do it.
Now this animal wants to spread his seed.

Reuven said...

He's full of himself and he wants to make someone else full! Ha ha ha ha.

Usually if you are a murderer, you don't want to have children because you have loathing and self hatred for who you are and don't want to bring another you into the planet. But if you are dillusional then you rationalize your behavior and think, "I need to be fruitful and multiply....in Amir's case he's got the first part right....be full of the fruits in Jail!!!!

May hashem bless his twisted neshama.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was sexually abused by one of his rabbis!

Acher said...

I more or less support the Chamish theory that he wasnt the one who fired the fatal bullets. My objection would be to have a child when the father is in prison and mentally unbalanced murderer or not.

Boog said...

Symptoms appear to be due to MBP.

yaakov said...

Any child of his would probably change his identity.

Anonymous said...

Most Courageous lawyers!
I can fully support them - full with integrity even though far from his crazy horrible ideas.
that's the real test for the Israeli democracy.