Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wiesenthal director boycotts Holocaust event, because they can't make money honoring truly religious Jews

Wiesenthal director boycotts Holocaust event

UOJ Comments at the end of this article

An event dedicated to lauding the wartime achievements of both Jewish and gentile rescuers was boycotted Tuesday evening by Dr Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, because of his displeasure that Holocaust historian Prof. David Kranzler from New York had been invited to speak.( Nonsense-UOJ)

Zuroff, who recently launched a worldwide campaign called Last Chance, aimed at catching lesser known Nazi war criminals, rescinded his original agreement to participate in the privately sponsored International Rescuer Day 2006 due to a fundamental disagreement with Kranzler's largely positive analysis of the Orthodox leadership's actions at that time, which Zuroff claims is "both nonobjective and hagiographical."

Zuroff said his main concern was that Kranzler had contributed to the portrayal of groups such as the Va'ad Hatzala (an Orthodox rescue committee established in 1939) in an overly biased light, though he did admit that his decision to cancel was also personal.

"Kranzler accused me of purposely falsifying research in order to increase sales of my own book on this topic," he said. "I therefore cannot endorse any initiative that acknowledges or rewards him.">(He did falsify just about everything-UOJ)

In response, Kranzler asserted that the harsh criticism meted out to Zuroff's book in an essay he wrote for the Orthodox Union magazine Jewish Action was completely justified, further insisting, "I challenge anybody to evaluate my own work, which is based on primary evidence and many original manuscripts."(Zuroff never could or did challenge Kranzler-UOJ)

Larry Pfeffer, founder of the Jerusalem Working Group, which hosted the event at the Beit Belgia building in the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University, said he was, "disappointed at Zuroff's cancellation." He pointed out that January 17 had been specifically chosen for the event because it was also the date of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg's capture by the Soviets in 1945.

But Pfeffer noted that the major purpose of the event was to enlighten the public about the actions of true Jewish heroes such as Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandel and Recha Sternbuch, and to push for wider credence to their achievements.

( Zuroff says to himself, I can't make money off "truly" religious Jews, so why waste my time. Besides Marvin the Jewish midget in L.A. said it would hurt the feeling of the Jews in Hollywood whose asses he kisses on a daily basis-UOJ)

Dr Robert Rozett, director of the Yad Vashem libraries, said that due to the large number of Jews who assisted their kin in the Holocaust, it was almost impossible to honor them all. He added that "not everything that happened in the Holocaust should be dealt with by giving an award.( unless it's people with mega-bucks-UOJ)

Rather, it is far more important that children learn about the widespread help that people offered each other in this time of crisis.(Did you ever hear of such a crock of s***?"-UOJ)

The theme of the evening was "beacons in the dark" and the occasion included a talk given by Louise de Dardel (Raoul Wallenberg's niece), an exhibition by artist Hannah Omer and the performance of new songs by David Ben Reuven.

UOJ comments

The Wiesenthal Center distances itself from events that do not promote their agenda.
Their agenda is the Holocaust that "sells", Jews with beards don't sell, even though the individual responsible for saving the most Jews during the war was Rabbi Weissmandel.

Has anyone seen a photo of Rabbi Weissmandel in the Weisenthal Center? Marvin the midget Hier would rather focus on over the top stories of Weisenthal, rather than an ehrliche Yid who saved hundreds of thousands Jews.

So Midgetel Marvin tells Zuroff not to go to this event; and of course Zuroff wants to be employed at the new two hundred million dollar museum in Jerusalem, so he listens.

Marvin's million dollar salary from the Holocaust is really not enough for this ignoramus, dyed hair huckster, Hollywood hunchback; dismissal of a truly ehrliche yid's accomplishments that overshadows everything and anything Weisenthal ever did, is.


Boog said...

Lower east side boy Marvin has come a long way from RJJ.

Boog said...

Maybe he can get Iran's Aminajdad to cut the opening ceremony ribbon on his new Holocaust Center. That would be quite a coup.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


He's already reserved Adolf Eichmann's grandson; Steven Spielberg would love that, after all Nazis killed Jews and Jews killed Nazis.
The next movie by Spielberg will probably be about the horrendous acts Jews committed against the Nazis by the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.
Midget Marvin gets an Academy Award for being the most ignorant screenwriter and screen consultant.

Anonymous said...

Hier is an ass kissing money grubbing piece of shit

Boog said...

Did I not read that this grandson became a Shomer Torah U'Mitzvos.

Don't get me started on Spielberg. Moral Relativism is the hallmark of the Left.

I don't think Stevie baby will do the Warsaw Ghetto gig simply because the Jews were clear underdogs; malnourished, sick, no weapons. The (Jewish) Left is viscious but not stupid. Rather, look for his Munich sequel to be a movie on Entebbe, with the Israeli war-machine being the military aggressors. They should have used diplomacy with Idi Amin and "talked" this problem through.

Hey, Bibi; brace yourself for Stevie's depiction of your brother.

Looking for solutions said...

UOJ you raise important issue and provide most entertaining cynicism.
Specifically in regards to our "Clown" costumed leaders and the life they have constructed for us is all pervasive. Are there any "gedolim" or should be gedolim that you would endorse (or even rabonim) and how will the tides change? Is this site the last of the mohecans bound to end in flames? what say you?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

This blog is here to stay, not to worry.
I have a list of guys that I previously posted about; go to the old site-unorthodoxjew(no s) post dated June 12, titled Deep Nose.
You can also find that post on this site by scrollong down to June 12th.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Typo! "Scrolling" down to June 12th.

Anonymous said...

sorry to sidetrack this thread, but I just saw an article in Forward about a dinner at Uncle Miltie Balkany's house attended by Joe Lieberman and Pesach Lerner
and started thinking of Top 10 Reasons to Have Been There:

10. on the menu - Young Israeli left winged chicken cash-a-torah
9. Iyun Shiur on "Im Ein Kemach Ein Torah"
8. Book Review on "Dina Dimalchusa Dina for Dummies (and Suckers)"

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

7-hoping to get Miltie's endorsement for the convicts from Connecticut.
6-tasting "kosher" chickens for Avian Flu to be able to set up a fund in congress for the victims.
5-get a bunch of Aaron's Best frozen foods for his next camping trip
4-a free lesson in how to steal millions from the government and stay out of jail
3-wanted to find out if Miltie made thirteen kids with one or two wives.
2-have Miltie introduce him to Ben Brafman Esq., just in case.
1-Miltie guaranteed Joe that the tenth man at the minyan would be Jack Abramoff.

Y.Y. said...

finally a post i agree with

gaycockinoifenyam said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that Hier has anything to do with this. This is strictly personal between Zuroff and Kranzler and Chareidim. Zuroff's book mentions that the Agudah would only save "frum yidden" and left everyone else on the wayside. Kranzler in his book, mentions that the Frum yidden were the only ones doing anything, minimizing the effort of the Joint, which worked tirelessly and was stretched thin. The Agudah, was very embarresed by the PR hit that Zuroffs book would take, because they had given their followers for many years, that "establishment jews" let them die, and only agudah in the usa did anything to help.

While im not fan of Hier, and the little junta that pays his family out in la, he doesnt really have a hand in this battle.

The real look, should be at Zuroff's book, and see if it is accurate, it probably is in some angle, "agudah jews" were looking to help "agudah jews", not that its a bad thing, but they werent looking to help non religious in particular.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anon,
Your point is well taken, however I'm well aware of the control Hier has on his underlings.
This was a well intended slap at the Agudah/right wing Orthodox who loathe Hier and his affiliations.
While I've ranted about the Agudah's flaws and assinine recent positions, the Joint was first and foremost in denying Weissmandel access to the State Department.
Mike Tress, Eliezer Silver and Gedaliah Schorr went out of their way to be all inclusive of their requests for visas.I know!
Zuroff does not make policy; by not attending an event such as this, Hier had to be and was the puppetmaster.

Anonymous said...

There no business like shoah business.Zuroff is a well known pompous ass

David Kelsey said...

Anonymous beat me to the bunch!

Holocaustism instead of Judaism -- what a sick joke! Besides fundraising Wiesenthal Center does two things and two things only, both in order to better fundraise.

1) Star sthupping
2) Calling everyone an antisemite.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Which "religion" is worse, Holocaust"ism" or Kabbalah"ism"?

Anonymous said...

I am from the Tress family.
Mr. Tress could not care less what Jew he could save, he wanted to save all of them. Zuroff is a pathetic Jew Baiter as well as Marvin Hier.

David Kelsey said...

Great question UOJ, since they both masquerade as Judaism!

I was going to say Holocaustism because it fools even Jews, but Kaballah, if not The Kaballah Centre (TM)has fooled plenty of Jews, especially since the Arizal.

It's a tough one.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Two shysters with state of the art scams. Tough call!