Monday, January 23, 2006

Orthodox Senator Joe Lieberman Calls For Special Session Of Congress To Replace George Washington As The Father Of Our Country With The Tendler Boys

Special To UOJ

Senator Joseph Lieberman was urged by Rabbi Milton Balkany to replace George Washington as the "father of our country", with the Tendler brothers.
At an urgent meeting last week at the home of Uncle Milty, Pesach Lerner from the Young Israel suggested that the Tendler brothers "slept here & slept there", covering both coasts, whereas the first president only spent his time on the East Coast.

The Orthodox senator understood the importance of such a change. He contacted Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris to assist him in getting this legislation through the Senate. Assisting Gingrich and Morris in the "down & dirty," is Ms. Paula Jones from Arkansas.

George Tsuris has set up a new organization called "", and Michael Moore offered to produce a film called "105 degrees fahrenheit in the rabbinate".

UOJ is pleased to see the positive impact Orthodox rabbis are playing in the United States government.

Forget about silly legislation like tuition tax credits or vouchers; or really stupid legislation like registering sex offenders so the yeshivas would not hire them.
We have really important stuff to do with our political clout.


boog said...


Be nice to Sen. Joe. He's under alot of stress with backing the Bush admin on Iraq. Nothing the "Bundler" can't fix.

If you really want to tee off, tee off on
ZOA's Morty Klein; K'shemo, Kein Hu.

Here is a guy that constantly gives Mussar and tells everyone to take the HIGH ROAD, and points out what they're doing wrong...blah,blah, blah but sees nothing wrong with visiting the "Bundler" who got caught pilfering $700K from the Govt. "Bundler" Miltie is fortunate he copped a plea bargain and kept himself off the Rap Sheet.

Just davening Mincha-Maariv, says Morty, because Sen. Joe needed a Minyan. No fund-raising was done, yada-yada-yada.

Morty; you're full of shit and the same two-bit hypocrite like 99.99999% of the politicos.

Anonymous said...

so what is new with Reb Pesach? Will we see more on (moron?) the Spitzer probe?

Anonymous said...

How dare you speak about a man like Rabbi Pesach Lerner with such lack of respect?