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Lipa Margulies- This Letter Is Going To Be Mailed To The Entire Frum Community In Ten Days!

I added a new thread to this post at the end of the letter being sent out about the Margulies/Kolko affair; on the lifetime effect molestation has on children!

The following were sent an advance copy of the Kolko/Margulies mailing going out to our community this week.

Yated Ne’eman
Jewish Press
Jewish Observer
Torah Umesorah

Will they react? Will they move to purge our community of this rodeph? Or, will they wait for the secular media and the government to act before they do anything?


There is a chronic child molester in our midst. No, he is not
in hiding nor is he being kept away from our children.
Shockingly, he is a Rebbe in Yeshiva Torah Temima.
Rabbi Lipa Margolies knows of this Rebbe’s history of
sexually molesting children.
Rabbi Lipa Margolies refuses to remove this predator from his yeshiva.
Specifically, Rabbi Lipa Margolies has been repeatedly informed, from sources
independent of each other, that Rabbi Yidi Kolko has sexually molested
countless children during his long career around children.

Rabbi Yidi Kolko sexually molested children in Camp Agudah. Rabbi Yidi Kolko sexually molested children in Yeshiva Karlin Stolin. Rabbi Yidi Kolko sexually molested children in Camp MaNaVu. Rabbi Yidi Kolko spends his life around our children. It bears repeating that Rabbi Yidi Kolko is a Rebbe in Yeshiva Torah Temima.

We have a problem. This is not to say that our wonderful community has a
greater percentage of child molesters than other communities. We may even
have substantially less. Our problem is in our unwillingness to deal with this
horrendous problem. Child molesters must be removed from our midst. Our
children must not be subjected to them. Rabbi Lipa Margolies must stop his
unconscionable covering up of this problem and Rabbi Yidi Kolko must resign his position immediately.

We will not rest until our children are safe from this
scourge.The next move is going to be the mass media. You think your a Knocker?, not to the newspapers and the TV media.

We are writing to ask that you speak out and help bring an end to this problem.
Child molesters must be kept away from our children.
Our children deserve no less.

Concerned people please express your outrage, call Lipa Margulies at 718-438-1900 and Yudi Kolko at 718-252-6642

Lipa Margulies- You have ten days to remove Kolko from the school, or this letter goes out to the entire Frum Community! You Are Warned!!!

A study by Professor Rachel Lev-Wiesel

All the horrible abuses inflicted on the Jews in the Holocaust, did not do as much permanent damage as them being sexually molested.There can be no t'shuva for this great crime against children. The victims are tormented for the rest of their lives.


According to new study, sexual abuse traumas have greater effect on survivors than any other experienced during Holocaust years. 'Abuse still causes incessant thoughts, nightmares,' researcher says.

A new study conducted at the Haifa University reveals that Holocaust survivors who suffered sexual abuse during World War II were much more traumatized by molestation than by any other of the horrifying experiences they went through during that period.

The study, the first ever to focus on the subject, is set to be presented next Sunday in the framework of a conference to mark the international Holocaust Memorial Day at the university.

Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiesel, who conducted the research, said that although the survivors experienced other traumatic events during the holocaust, including the loss of parents, physical abuse and hunger, the memory of sexual abuse remained etched in their minds more than anything else.
"This abuse still causes incessant thoughts on the subject and nightmares," Lev-Wiesel said.

'Survivors told stories with clarity, precision'

The study consists of interviews with 22 men and women in Israel and the United States, who were willing to share with the researcher stories about the abuse they underwent during the war.

Lev-Wiesel said that some people who offered to take part in the study were rejected, because she believed they would not be able to cope with the burden of memories and the self-exposure involved with the interview.

The average age of the interviewees stood at 68 years, and Lev-Wiesel said all have told their story with clarity and precision, in contradiction to how people usually speak of a traumatic event.

This is proof, Lev-Wiesel said, that the survivors retell the story in their heads over and over again, reliving the past daily.

All the survivors interviewed for the study have spent the war years on the run from the Nazis, some at hiding in the houses of Christians, others moving from place to place with the partisans, an easy prey for menacing adults along the way.

According to Prof. Lev-Wiesel, this fact does not eliminate the possibility similar incidents took place at ghettos as well.

Abuser usually close to victim

In some of the cases revealed in the study, the abuse was carried out by relatives or other Jews, which alleviated the trauma and embarrassment among survivors.

In one of the cases the abuser was a man who helped smuggle children from one place to another, in another it was a father who sexually abused his daughter, and in several other incidents – mothers who molested their sons.

Prof. Lev-Wiesel stressed that situations of stress and war do not create pedophiles, but that they enable such people to operate more freely.


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Ydi's boy said...

don't get too might get "pricked"

Anonymous said...


maariv with kolko said...

weinfeld at 9? think weinfeld likes being known as the host of this sick prick?

boog said...

WOW!! Sounds as if Weinfeld's at 9 PM will soon have a SRO crowd for Maariv.

All for the zechus to daven together with a child sex molester.

Mee K'Amcho Yisroel!?


Anonymous said...

Boor B'rshus harabim.

maariv with kolko said...

Boog: Efshar a dvar torah before maariv? Make it interesting.

maariv with kolko said...

oh, and please bring an advance copy of the letter for rabbi weinfeld. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

In case we get hacked, the new address will be:

Anonymous said...

UOJ, change your password and make it complex

Anonymous said...

some other about...


nu, I challenge the oilam ...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Choiker said...

Q: what do P Lerner, M Tendler, M Weinberg and A Tendler all have in common?

A: Baltimore

boog said...

"Boog: Efshar a dvar torah before maariv?"

Excellent idea, UOJ!!!

But unfortunately my oratorical skills pale in comparison to Kolko, so I suggest the Oilam will be better served if he gives the D'var Torah.

Suggested Topic: A Hands On Demonstration of Metziza B'Peh; Techniques and Analysis.

Bring your cameras.

happywithhislot said...


All of your blogs show up on your profile.
which means you have one master account for all of them.

If you get hacked, they are all at risk.

You need to create another account as a backup. Have that account create a backup blog.

Dont reveal the account.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Boog, you're a pisser.

Anonymous said...

check out the discussion over on

countdown said...


boog said...


Thanks very much for the link to the be-greatful blog.

Just reinforces the imperative and immediate need to "out" Kolko and to get the media involved in super-publicizing this case.

Hopefully the resultant publicity will open the floodgates and give courage to the parents of molested children to come out and bring attention to the predators that have violated their children.

UOJ, PLEASE don't back down and in 7 days come out firing with both barrels.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Yes, I am in contact with Jennifer myself as well as well as Elliot Pasik Esq.

The stamps are being put on the envelopes as we speak(figuratively).

That mailing is going out next week, and that's for starters!!!

Anonymous said...

UOJ i hate to bring other things up, but you have a lot of bull shit stored up in your system, and I wanted to nknow if you know anything about this footsteps organization, it was started by this malkie schwartz girl, and i read this about her, i was wondering if you could comment on it, sorry about the lenghth.
"I went to school with Malkie Schwartz - her story is far less glamorous than anything portrayed in Unchosen or her person profile on In fact, her father comes from an wealthy and crusty upper east side family which disapproved of his becoming religious and shunned him completely, both emotionally and financially. At the same time, the grandparents consistently reminded the children in the family, i.e. Malkie and sibs, that if only they would leave religion they would be welcomed with open arms (i.e. given a share of the family $ pie). Her father is a melamid and she's from a family of over 8 at least plus she has a severely disabled sibling... so just imagine how rosy her life had been. Couple that with extreme intelligence, the feeling of being an outsider to the ffb clans in crown heights no matter how hard she tried and no matter how 'chasidish' she behaved and appeared, and you've got a girl who at 19 years old just one day up and leaves her destitute and noisy home and moves in with her posh and doting grandmother.
Then she does what any good Lubavitcher does and starts to think about all the other Jews 'in need', however crooked that may sound, and she founded Footsteps. The program never really took off- at the meetings they basically pass around condoms and sex-ed pamphlets, talk about what it was like to walk into McDonalds for the first time and curse out their parents and teachers for causing them so much guilt and shame for living how they want to, bla bla bla. So that's the short story.

Of course Malkie now has celebrity status among 'religious renegades' because she's very vocal about what she did and why. She's been quoted everywhere from the NY Times magazine article on post-messianic chabad to lilith magazine (a jewish femenazi publication aimed at destroying all things sacred). I personally resent that in her interviews she portrays us 'fools' who choose to remain observant and continue to believe in whatever mission we call our own as frauds - she makes the presumption that we all feel like her, only we're too trapped, be it because we have no resources in the 'outside' world or because we're creatures of habit and it takes too much courage to break out the way she did. I think most people disagree. Idealism and true faith still thrive in crown heights and elsewhere and these so-called rebels don't prove anything about the life they've rebelled against. They've made personal choices about their lives and I can't stand when they make so much more of it."

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

"UOJ, you have alot of BS stored in your system"

Please explain what that means, and what do you want me to comment on.

Time for a new post said...


not time yet said...

This post is strill active - let it sit for a while.

Anonymous said...

the malkie schwartz post is a copy of a post in another site. its bs.

boog said...

what does this have to do with kolko/margulies?


Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Because of it's importance and the huge amount of hits we're still getting, I will leave this post up longer.

boog said...


I would "pin" this thread and keep it at the top of Page 1 until you get the mailing out. This is too important to let sink to the bottom of the page.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Thanks Boog. Will do!

kolko wannabee said...


did kolko ever suck your (little) weenie??

just curious...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

uoj you are a hoax

Anonymous said...

Is anyone warning Kolko and Margulies about what is happening?

Anonymous said...

A relative of mine is a macher in TT, he says Margolis is crapping in his kapote.
He claims there have been many people urging Margo to get rid of Kolko.
They do believe there's going to be a mass mailing. UOJ are you for real?

baalbatish said...

There are so many offenders. If you complain to the administration, then they turn it on you as if something is wrong with you. The whole rebbe industry needs an overhaul.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

That's right...and we're going to take them out one scumbag at a time.
Yes, Anon, the mailing is going out. You can bet your last plate of cholent on it.

baalbatish said...

There are the physical abusers and the mental abusers who are impossible to catch. When you try to discuss it with someone,they say "Rabbi Ploini is a very experienced educator, he's been in the business for "x" amount of years." Is it a wonder that so many people are bitter about the system? Is it any wonder there are so many kids at risk? If you read the Jewish Observer, it's everyone's fault except the yeshiva system.
The system wasn't better in the "heim " The youth were attracted to all the "isms" of the time. It's happening again.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

There a handful of educators that know what they are doing, and care about the kids; the balance either are there by default or have nowhere to go and could care less about your kid.
The JO is a comic book for adults that never became emotionally mature.
If there's no yiras Shomayim at the principal and rebbe level; what do you expect the kids to look like?
Robots with mechanical Judaism!

sadjew said...


finally...this issue has been eating my my guts for months, maybe years, who knows?

The problem lies with today's so called "Rabbonim" and the scum that most of them are. they're the ones with all the answers.

The theory goes: Don't fire the pedaphile rabbeim from schools too quickly... If you do then their wives will find out.... Their repution in the community will possibly be destroyed....

but the children who endure the abuse who can't sleep at night - and believe me when I say can't sleep - who God only knows what is going through their minds... will just have to suck ip up. maybe it's supposed to be part of the frum education curriculum ..

OUJ - good work, be strong

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Im sad along with you on this issue, and intend to move heaven & earth to protect our kinderlach.
Thanks for the chizuk, I sincerely appreciate it; this is one tough battle with a long way to go.

countdown said...


boog said...


The Jewish Observer is a bad joke (the joke is on us), written by "Shevet Levi" Black Hatters whose view of the world is myopic, and understanding and appreciation of Authentic Har Sinai Torah Judaism non-existent.

Proferred solutions to problems is always the same Agudah directed pablum. Faults lie everywhere but never at the feet of our Rabbonim, Askonim, and Institutions. They are placed on a Pedestal while parents are urged and directed to look inwards to be Mesaken
their lives and behaviors for the sake and benefit of their (our) children.

Many of the writers who contribute to the JO are third rate minds with minimal to no skills that would have an exceedingly difficult time making it to a low-level management position in Industry. Their contributions to Chinuch Habonim consists of attending the annual Torah U'Mesorah Convention and reverently "shuckling" to the speeches of their Leaders and Roshei Yeshiva and drinking from the dispensed Kool-Aid. In the meantime the fires burn with the number of at risk kids increasing and other kids leading a double-life; outwardly wearing the "frum" garb but inwardly seething at the duplicity, hypocrisy, and double standards of their Parents and Manhigim. Sexual and physical child abuse goes unreported because of the twisted ignoramus Anti-Torah interpretation of "Loshon Hora" "Rechilus", and "Motzei Shem Ra".

Our "Leaders" and Rabbonim know full well what is going on but their silence is deafening. A new generation of psychological and emotionally damaged children are being raised in our midst, but for the Yeshiva Velt it is business as usual.

Let's hope that the imminent mailing by UOJ against Kolko/margulies will be the start to swinging the pendulum the other, right way.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Ditto, you have a way with words.
There's alot of stuff going on, the mailing is one of them.

gross said...


Well Said!

who's the good guy? said...

how ironic that the observer started with the hirschian Ideal has become a comic book!

Anonymous said...

Can someone post UOJ name, it seems like I am the only one that doesnt know his name>?

Anonymous said...

Whats the difference who it is, its great entertainment, I read this blog every morning. It gives me the current events on the latest krum brooklyn frumkeit that these guys write about, both the writers and what they write about. These guys are soon going to start writing about whose screwing around with who! ( I dont mind, its great enetertainment)

boog said...

"the observer started with the hirschian Ideal"

Harav Samson Rafoel Hirsh, Z"l would recognize today's right wing ultra Judaism as a foreign "religion"?? totally unrelated to what he advocated.

Fan of 'Boog' said...


Just read the last post by Boog (the long one...)

this guy is the real deal...and incredibly articulate!

OUJ, you may want to consider having Boog clean up your act, which although it is also on te money..tends to lie in the gutter at times..

This guy Boog says the same stuff you do..with much more class and whit.

He can really bring this blog up so that it begins to appeal to the stuck up hard asses in our oilam who (make up the majority of all of our problems) are to full of themselves to dignifiy your own postings...

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Fan Of Boog,
So am I, that's why he's a fellow UOJ board member.
Nothing wrong with R' Gross; basically we're the Good, Bad & Ugly of Orthodox Judaism; you can figure out whose who. :)

Anonymous said...

UOJ is Rabbi Hershel Billet.

Anonymous said...

OUJ is Mr. Posik the lawyer

Cardinal Lustiger said...

Uoj is Jesussssss! who gives a shit, the guy got important shit to say god bless him

baalbatish said...

I agree with Fan of Boog.
You have a very important message and mission. The anger that you have towards the establishment is understandable but if your blog would have more of an air of seriousness and less sarcasm then perhaps more people would be on board. I have forwarded your blog to many people and they write you off as a madman. They just don't get it.

gross said...


Don't change a thing. If someone feels they can bring up issues more effectively, let them start their own blog. Your appeal is in your style.

boog said...


In the words of that great song-writer, Billy Joel:

"Don't Go Changin' Who You Are...Stay just the way you are."

The Atheologist said...

What about this child abuse?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Gross, Boog, Baalabatish....friends, enemies...

I don't know anyone that is loved by all...that's what makes the world go round.

I express my true feelings in a manner that I feel expresses my outrage at the messed up establishment.

Most of the time I find a few minutes to put up a thought or story that caught my attention without too much censoring. To the people that like what I have to say, that could be highly entertaining because it's off the cuff.

I have previously written a brief bio about myself; my wife doesn't know I'm I have many full time jobs that I'm juggling. Husband, father, businessman,teacher,friend and confidant to many, and askan.
I spend part of my day learning as well...

No apologies to my detractors..they have many options...including writing me off as a "madman".
Actually any time I can arouse peoples' passions, I consider that a positive thing.

boog said...


An honor to have met your acquaintence.

Yashar Koach for your efforts and Hatzlocho.

A Guten Shabbos and remember to put on your Borsalino tomorrow afternoon after the Cholent.

Anonymous said...

UOJ have you ever had a affair? It seems taht you could hide so many things from your wife?

countdown said...


Anonymous said...

Child Molesters

Studies of the recidivism of child molesters reveal specific patterns of reoffending across victim types and offender characteristics. A study involving mentally disordered sex offenders compared same-sex and opposite-sex child molesters and incest offenders. Results of this five-year follow-up study found that same-sex child molesters had the highest rate of previous sex offenses (53 percent), as well as the highest reconviction rate for sex crimes (30 percent). In comparison, 43 percent of opposite-sex child molesters had prior sex offenses and a reconviction rate for sex crimes of 25 percent, and incest offenders had prior convictions at a rate of 11 percent and a reconviction rate of 6 percent (Sturgeon and Taylor, 1980). Interestingly, the recidivism rate for same-sex child molesters for other crimes against persons was also quite high, with 26 percent having reconvictions for these offenses. Similarly, a number of other studies have found that child molesters have relatively high rates of nonsexual offenses (Quinsey, 1984).

Several studies have involved follow-up of extra-familial child molesters. One such study (Barbaree and Marshall, 1988) included both official and unofficial measures of recidivism (reconviction, new charge, or unofficial record). Using both types of measures, researchers found that 43 percent of these offenders (convicted of sex offenses involving victims under the age of 16 years) sexually reoffended within a four-year follow-up period. Those who had a subsequent sex offense differed from those who did not by their use of force in the offense, the number of previous sexual assault victims, and their score on a sexual index that included a phallometric assessment (also referred to as plethysmography: a device used to measure sexual arousal (erectile response) to both appropriate (age appropriate and consenting) and deviant sexual stimulus material). In contrast to other studies of child molesters, this study found no difference in recidivism between opposite-sex and same-sex offenders.

In a more recent study (Rice, Quinsey, and Harris, 1991), extra-familial child molesters were followed for an average of six years. During that time, 31 percent had a reconviction for a second sexual offense. Those who committed subsequent sex offenses were more likely to have been married, have a personality disorder, and have a more serious sex offense history than those who did not recidivate sexually. In addition, recidivists were more likely to have deviant phallometrically measured sexual preferences (Quinsey, Lalumiere, Rice, and Harris, 1995).

In a study utilizing a 24-year follow-up period, victim differences (e.g., gender of the victim) were not found to be associated with the recidivism (defined as those charged with a subsequent sexual offense) of child molesters. This study of 111 extra-familial child molesters found that the number of prior sex offenses and sexual preoccupation with children were related to sex offense recidivism (Prentky, Knight, and Lee, 1997). However, the authors of this study noted that the finding of no victim differences may have been due to the fact that the offenders in this study had an average of three prior sex offenses before their prison release. Thus, this sample may have had a higher base rate of reoffense than child molesters from the general prison population.

Anonymous said...


researchers found that 43 percent of these offenders (convicted of sex offenses involving victims under the age of 16 years) sexually reoffended within a four-year follow-up period.

freedom of the blog said...

This org protects the right of bloggers to blog anonymously, as well as their commentors.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Thanks for the info.
The mass mailing is being done at the end of this week.

Simcha klor sucks said...

***************URGENT**************Why havent you posted about the other sick piece of shit. His name is Simcha Klor. He is the "Rosh Yeshiva" of Ruach Chaim on Nostrand Avenue, and Kingsbay Yeshiva on Ave Z.
Don't you know whats going on? This sick fuck downloads porn all day, steals all his yeshiva's money,(hundreds of thousands of dollars), and when the Rabbeim havent gotten paid in 8 months the principle threatens to go on strike he fires the principle!
So there is a Yeshiva in Flatbush that has no principle now, that has a crazy lunatic that is stealing from the place, screwing the rbbeim and teachers by not paying them, and is a PORN ADDICT. Please look into "some other" allegations as well. He might me a yiddi kolko wannabe.

Anonymous said...

He is a sicko also.
Simcha Klor is a S**thead!

It's an old story with him.

Big Mikvah guy. Likes to grope things in the dark.
They should close his school down. I swear I would pull my kids out of the crap hole if I had boys there. He gives me the chills.

chester kolko said...

Klor...........nuch ah shmuck.

UOJ, this guy is right. Simcha Klor has got to be taken down.
Please start the bashing....

Yasher Koach!

Anonymous said...

i heard that the parents are pulling thier kids out of ruach chaim.

seems like there are "major" problems with this Simcha Klor prick.

Anonymous said...


May I suggest you create a post about this new ortho scandal:

anyone know these shmendricks?

baalbatish said...

Why is the chareidi apologist/comic book JO on the Web?
The Yated(Isreal Division)also is on the tumaneh net albeit with a different alias? Why does Pinny the editor of Yated-USA have a blog with his profound thoughts on the assur net?

countdown said...


is Klor a Rabbi? said...

Re Rabbi Simcha Klor

3-4 years ago there was big fight about his wanting to put up a yeshiva equivalent to six stories in a residential neighborhood.
Many believe he lied to the zoning board about plans for a catering hall.
His plans had the garbage hidden from the school yard, and FACING the neighbor.
A traffic study concluded that he was putting neighborhood kids at risk, as all 4 corners were used as bust stops, and he was adding 500 kids to the mix.
He had a mailing go out with rabbinic signatures that named people on the blocks who were against the school.
He had rabbonim threaten other rabbonim who would dare to voice a contrary opinion.
he had rabbonim chastise the zoning board for even considering the other point of view when a yeshiva is like a beis hamikdash.
He threatened to open up a shelter for drug addicts if the plans for the yeshiva failed.
He purposely bought a building zoned for r2 instead of r6 because it was cheaper, and screw the law.

after 4 years he finally came up with some money to start a groundbreaking ceremony. Everyone was there to celebrate.
There is a sickness in the community.

Simcha klor is gay said...

F**k Simcha Klor.
He is a Shiteater.
This motherfucker doesn't pay his teachers and rabbeim while he steals all the tuition money and lives a large life style.
He just bought a new car. a 2006 ford crown victoria. His house is beautiful inside. He alsway has the newest cell phone, and buys every fucking gaget for himself. He also is a total baby, with lights and sirens in his can...not to mention that he has a sattelite dish on the roof of his yeshiva on ave Z, he has a 40' computer screen ,and after speaking to someone who workes there I confirmed that everyone knows that he watches porn all day in his office.


Where are the Rabbonim?
What a joke for klall yisroel this asswipe is.
This dicksnot asslicking asshole is most probably involved in the koko shit also.

UOJ? where are you.
Please post about this faggot!!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I never heard of this Klor guy.
Where did he go to yeshiva, how old is he, who is his rebbe and rosh yeshiva, and what type of kids go there?

Anonymous said...

can someone please post what "yated editor" lipshitz's blog address is?

lip-shits! said...

yossel the greek said...


just a guy said...

Well do some homework.
He went to Brisk. He has a long white/grey beard, drives a brand new car every 2 years. "Blow's loads" of cash (and semen).
He has no Rebbi. He is not machshiv ANYONE in the world.
He has all rabbonim in his pocket. R' Hillel David, R' Feivel Cohen, R' Ahron Shecter, R' Shmuel Barenboum, etc.
The kids that go there are regular FRUM flatbush kids from FRUM homes.
The parents must be notified of this sexual addict maniac.
He actually has two schools. Kingsbay Yeshiva is for more modern kids (ave Z and east 28) and Ruach Chaim for more Frum kids (Nostrand Ave & Ave I-J).
He is also a "rov" (what a joke) of a shul around E.24-E.27 near ave S.

Please do the Tzibur a favor and post about this gangster.
He owes MILLIONS of dollors. He screws everyone who works for him. He NEVER pays anyone.
these are verified facts.
Maybe someone should call the cops on this guy....

The New TT said...

UOJ, there may be two jobs available at Torah Temima soon. Kolko's and Margulies'. Which one do you want?

I think TT should be returned to Torah V'das. Think they can handle it?

gross said...


R'Kaduri died; I gotta run - there's a huge eagle right outside my window. It's gonna take me to the Promised Land. I'm gonna order a Kool-Aid when the beverage cart makes its rounds. Move over Schneerson (and Jesus), the real Messiah's here.

boog said...

Newsflash: Update:

Klor and Ruach Chaim.

Sabo has quit. Several rebbeim have applied for positions at Chaim Berlin, Mir, and Torah Vodaas and just about all of the parents of incoming kids have pulled them out and have registered them in other area yeshivas. Many of these parents are concerned if they will be getting their deposits back from Klor.

It appears that Sabo was the "good face" of the Yeshiva and had a very positive and warm interaction with the kids. Parent Feedback on Klor is unanimously negative.

Be interesting to see if the hareidi papers report this story. I doubt it.

klor is a fag said...

I work in Kingsbay Yeshiva.
Klor watches porn all day long. I HEAR it.
He prances around like a coshove guy with a long grey beard, a frock, and a up-hat....he is really a mafia lowlife that will destroy anything in his path.

Anonymous said...

I knew that sexual abuse goes on in the chassidish yeshivas. I didn't know it's that bad in the litvish community as well.

I don't know if anyone here is interested, but I can name a handful of chassidish yeshivas where abuse has taken place and the rabbeim/molesters where given an easy-pass.

Anonymous said...

let's hear it

Anonymous said...
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becca said...
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ah pek said...
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ah pek said...
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becca said...
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dreidle said...
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anonymous said...
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annabel lee Loss said...
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Shoshana said...
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chillin in the lake said...
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elliot b. pasik, esq said...
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un-orthodox jew said...
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zonah said...
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gross said...
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Un-Orthodox Jew said...
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un-orthodox jew said...
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limey2001 said...
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elisheva said...
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ah pek said...
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anonymous said...
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dreidle said...
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becca said...
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parcequilfaut said...
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Shoshana said...
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annabel lee Loss said...
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concerned jew said...

Well, did the mailing go out? Camn you give me the contact information for the law firm so that I can confirm the pending lawsuit?

Halevi MiLakewood said...

When writes anonymously, he loses credibility. I realize you don't want to be associated publicly with this scandal, however, without a signature, ther is no reality to what you are saying. You have to be willing to sign your name to it.

Anonymous said...

let me tell you a thing or 2 about Klor, he may not be the most popular guy on the street, and he can be tough, but anyone that is angry at him must have been hit by him.

he takes no crap, and is not afraid to fire someone who is bad for kids. as we see from TT and Lipa firing is not a popular thing!!

if you are angry at the man, did he fire u too?

Sabo is a good man, no doubt but they didn't get along, big shpritz!! a man can fire an employee last I checked.

he can be a bully, tough, and a pain, but a porn adict?? those aligations are as wrong as a lot of the spelling on this blog.

back to the real issue, you want a real mollester?? unfortunately they are around, don't waste this valuable blog on stupid yeshiva politik, lets get back to the real purpose eradicating the sick depraved preditors out there.

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